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Getting into the Rhythm

of using herbs and spices into your daily cooking

Daily doses of delicious phytonutrients found in colorful plants and veggies boosts the digestive – immunity connection.

Phytonutrient = plant nutrient! They are in the spectrum of vitamins and minerals; they are where many of the medicinal constituents of plants are found.

Experiment with grounding milk thistle and adding it to your oatmeal/granola/smoothies.

Celery seed is delicious in stir fry’s and boosts collagen production for connective tissues.

The whole allium family (onions, leeks, garlic, etc) is incredibly medicinal, providing sulfur compounds for liver detox.

Sesame seeds found in tahini are extremely strengthening to weak capillaries.

When cooking rice, try adding burdock, astragalus, and reishi in to raise the nutrient value.

Plant power can be infused in many aspects of cooking. Food is truly medicine and can be treated as daily ritual. How do you incorporate herbs into cooking? 

By Sage Sherlock
for LA Herbalist Collective