Covid19 Care Resources

The following resources have been curated through grassroots communication efforts. If you would like for us to add to this ever-evolving list please contact us. Click on the titles to be directed towards the resource.

Get Radical Boil Roots
Source: Gina Badger, Long Spell Herbs

Best Practice Guidelines During Respiratory Pandemics
Source: Compassion Roots Wellness Centre

Support During the Pandemic Part 1
Support During the Pandemic Part 2Source: The Herbal Highway, Sarah Holmes of Blue Otter School

Pay What You Can Consults
Source: The Solidarity Apothecary

Immune and Respiratory Herbs:
A Guide for Tribal Communities

During COVID-19
Source: Canoe Journey Herbalists

UCSF Experts on the Epidemiology,
Science, & Clinical Manifestations of
Source: UCSF School of Medicine

Covid19: One Herbalist’s Thoughts
Source: Eclectic School of Medicine

Response to Covid19
Source: American Herbalists Guild

Remedies: Plant Allies During the Time of Covid-19
Source: jhon jairo

Prison Self Care Protocal

Covid19 Coronavirus Update
Source: UCLA Health

Covid -19, Coronavirus: Herbal Classes based on the Viral Process
Source: Bre Lembitz, herbalist &
Deanne Lembitz, M.D.

COVID-19 Coronavirus Resources
Source: North American Institute of Medical Herbalism

Pantry Medicine: Onion Poultices,
Tinctures, & Syrups
Source: The Enchanter’s Green

Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19)
Updates Explained Clearly

Source: MedCram

Health Strategies & the Corona Virus
Source: Sonoma County Herb Association