Street Medic Resources

The following resources have been curated through grassroots communication efforts. If you would like for us to add to this ever-evolving list please contact us. Click on the titles to be directed towards the resource.

The Herbalist Street Medic
Source: Northeast School of
Botanical Medicine, 7Song

Street Medic Handbook for Occupy Chicago
Source: Comrades at the
Paper Revolution Collective

Alternatives to EMS Anthology Zine
Source: Rosehip Medic Collective

Materia Medica + herbal aid protocol
Source: Herbalists Without Borders
Tucson, AZ chapter

Riot Medicine
Source: It’s Going

Safe Protest Tips

Street Protest First Aid
Source: Wildflower School of Botanical Medicine

First Aid for the Streets: Part One
Life Threats

(includes Rosehip Medic Collective Wipes recipe)

Herbal Street Medic Kit
Source: Hood Herbalism

Street Medic Guide
Source: Comrades at the
Paper Revolution Collective

Basic Street Medic Training
Source: Boston Area Liberation Medic
(BALM) Squad

Herbal First Aid Aftercare for All Who Have Experienced Police Violence
Source: Dixie Pauline, Grassroots Apothecary, MASHH; Greta Montagne, Gentle Strength Botanicals, MASHH; Dana Aronson, Wild Kin Botanicals; Ingrid Bauer, MD, Five Flavors Herbs; Jocelyn Laurel Pena, Paramedic, Blackcap Medical Collective, MASHH.

How to Treat Pepper Spray & Tear Gas
Source: Yerba Buena Center for the Arts